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CBBA Productions is a team dedicated to the production of current and trendy content in the entertainment field. We are a company made of creative professionals looking for the next big thing.

What Drives Us

At CBBA Productions we work on the creation, development, and production of projects for all current media, integrating audiovisual areas in the same company, to offer our customers a wide variety of communications services and solutions in the medium that they require for your companies.


Always satisfy the needs of content, production, editing, video, and digital media in our clients' projects, exceeding their expectations, with a balance between art, perfection, and functionality.


Consolidate as a producer of original content for all kinds of media, keeping us at the forefront of technology and digital platform management, with creative and innovative proposals for our customers.


The quality of our projects makes us keep up with the best production houses in the country, with the advantage of offering prices that adapt to the needs of customers anywhere. Professionalism, responsibility, quality, responsiveness, and talent are just some of the values that have allowed us to achieve a trajectory of more than 30 years in the field of audiovisual production.

Career Opportunities

Find your next stop. We are a team that works to find the next best thing.

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